Rayon 120 - the Rayon 40-70-250A

High performance motor controller driver:

  • Sinusoidal, flux oriented control and trapezoid drive

  • Hall, Digital SSI.  Incremental encoder feedback

  • PID closed loop modes: Position, speed, current and stepper

  • Esafe – Eeprom file system management

  • 40/70/250A continues  current.  (10 sec 80A/140A/500A  over drive)

  • Communication: CAN BUS (1Mbit- CANopen )  RS422-485 and RS232

  • Analog and / or digital commands

  • Master Slave Mode

  • Firmware upgrade via RS232

  • MMI – Load/Read parameters and high speed live graph monitor

  • Protections: Temperature, voltage, CPU, encoders, hall, motor stuck

  • Encoder to Hall on the fly switch-over

  • Comprehensive Error massages

  • 4 digital optically isolated input. 2 digital optically isolated outputs

  • Reliable: rigid construction high current 180A 100V Power MOSFETs,

  • Hardware short motor winding protection

  • 2 encoders input with automatically switchover

  • Operating temperature -40°c to 71°c. (extended to –55˚c  85°c by demand)

  • OEM version available

Download Rayon 40A/70A datasheet
Download Rayon 250A datasheet

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