Motion Controller

Motion control solutions for any mission, from miniature multi-axis brush/ brushless motors to very large motors with full BKEMF.
We produce cutting-edge control technology and use innovative design to answer the most demanding projects and the most
challenging requirements.

Energy efficiency: Unique patented technology for energy management that saves up to 25% in the battery life!! Contact us to learn more.

Multi Axis motion control: Control up to 8 axes in one chip: for either brushed or brushless motor. The MAMC’s greatness is its

stall management, which is very important in managing energy consumption.

The Rayon family delivers the Sensorless technology along side very accurate positioning, speed and current control.

With Redler Technologies we supply COTS drivers, adjusting OTS products to our customers and R&D and manufacturing services.

We are working with any DC motor on the market, delivering a full solution if needed.

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