Redler Technologies develops and manufactures various navigation systems and location measurement systems based on MEMS technology and additional sensory components such as GPS, magnetic field measurements and more.

  • Our products are characterized by having superior efficiency, customized to the needs of the customer, resistant, minimal size and particularly high accuracy

  • Support Redler’s multi receivers, anti jamming, spatial nulling technique

  • 9 DOF (Degree Of Freedom)

  • Small Size Dimensions –  98mm X 67mm X 38mm

  • High acceleration shock survivability

  • Support Redler’s unique bias recovery technique

  • On board high throughput MCU system

  • 4 GPS antennas with separate receiver per antenna

  • Full ruggedized operating temperature range components –55 to +85 ºc needs

GPS INS Definition:

Real time accurate 4D Navigation and tracking systems, receiving satellites signals for location prediction and fusing calculation with accurate accelerometers, gyroscopes and other sensor IMU – Inertial Measurement Unit  (MEMS based) Redlers  MICRO IMU 9 has 9 DOF (Degree Of Freedom) includes 6 accelerometers MEMs, 3 gyros.


Orientation system man handle, High “G” performance - PGM (precise Guidance Monition), Aviation & space  systems, UGV, Maritime Systems.

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