Quad motor controller is compact and feature-rich, it manages the current, torque, speed and position for up to four independent or synchronized motors Each motor can be powered independently by up to 15A, 6-80Vdc (total power 1.2kW per motor).


Main Features:

  • Four motors, up to 15A continuous current 6-80Vdc (each motor)

  • Up to 1.2 kW continuous power per motor, 4.8 kW total driving power capacity

  • Motor types: brushless DC (BLDC), permanent magnet (PMSM), DC or any combination there of

  • Accurate and fast control of current torque speed and position for each of the motors

  • Available interfaces: 2 full speed USB channels, RS232/485-422, Ethernet LAN and SPI

  • Single FPGA chip solution

  • ARM Cortex M3 Embedded. (512Kbytes flash, 64K bytes RAM)

  • RTOS operating system

  • Customer application software area. – ANSI C code

  • Low power consumption

  • Motors stall management (Patent pending)

  • Low-cost high-reliability solution


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