Custom Design

Redler Technologies Development Team is founded on 20 years tradition, All this important experience and knowledge is available for our customers.

We ensure to integrate in the work teams experienced and veteran development staff alongside young, creative and dynamic engineers. All our development staff ensure that they are updated on a daily basis as regards new technologies, components and software in order for us to be able to supply the most updated, simplest and most inexpensive solution for the complex challenges that our customers face.

We have expertise in the following fields:

Motion control, various types of controls for DC motors, unique multi-axis motion controls, under the strictest standards such as MIL STD, medical standards and aviation standards, energy saving and can also be totally customized for the customer’s needs.

Navigation systems IMU, GPS, INS, magnetic flux valves.

Energy control and management – automatic fuses for current and voltage control, DC and AC, automatic circuit breakers for generators, control systems for generator controls and more.

Development and production of various embedded solutions in the field of measurement systems, such as: measurement of flow of liquids, air, measurement of electricity consumption, measurement of accurate weights, seismic measurements, and more. For the main part these systems will include sensors, communications, unique algorithms and combinations of different technologies

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