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Redler Technologies is a private company founded in 1994 by Yesaiahu Redler, who manages it to this very day.
Redler Technologies specializes in development and manufacture of real time systems for control, navigation and motion control.

The company products constitute a forefront as regards technology and for many years have been implemented in the systems of the best Israeli companies and leading international companies.

We at Redler are specialists in putting together simple and elegant solutions for our customers. Our experience offers innovative and reliable solutions at a very competitive product price. Redler has several patents and a unique technology for saving energy and manufacture of particularly reliable and economical motor controls of a low weight and small capacity.


Redler Technologies is your optimal partner for your own customized solution. Together with you, with our considerable experience in customization of products we have a development team, creativity and professionalism to find the best solution for you.

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