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Established in 1994, Redler specializes in developing and supplying Electrical power and motion control management solutions for platforms.

Our advanced, innovative, embedded and patented DC motion control drivers and smart power circuit breakers will help you reach your business, technical and functional goals.

The power management and protection are achieved with our unique smart circuit breaker technology, the Power Rider,  with fully automatic, highly reliable, redundant electronics, that provides smart Energy Power Distribution Unit (EPD/PDU), yet, uses as Circuit breaker and relay in the same product.

The Rayon motion control drivers Series supports your motion management challenges within any platform or application. Our drivers suite any mission - from miniature to very large motors, in DC or BLDC, with single or Multi-Axis, while offering Energy saving, Increasing uptime, Sensor-less technology, and Wide range of voltage and Current

Rayon Slim Line - 20A


Power Rider 80A


IMG_3576 (1).jpg

Micro Rayon

10A- SMT


Rayon MP

Rayon High Power - 60A


Rayon 40-70.jpg

Rayon DCHP


Power Rider 150A

Rayon EV

UP TO 800A


Power Rider 25A

Relay Unit

Our Products
Rayon - The Motion control Drivers
Power Rider - smart, electronic circuit breakers

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